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EHP Labs | OxyWhey Lean Wellness Protein

EHP Labs | OxyWhey Lean Wellness Protein

Ehp Labs - Fat Burner | Oxyshred Thermogenic

Ehp Labs - Fat Burner | Oxyshred Thermogenic

EHP Labs | OxySleep

EHP Labs | OxySleep

OxyShred 60 serves is the number 1 weight loss product , EHPLABS Oxysleep night time formula, sleep well - Recovery faster - Burn Fat while you sleep - Wake up refreshed and leaner. EHPLABS Oxywhey 2lb lean protein Powder with 24g of clean whey protein to help maintain muscle mass. On top of this, OxyWhey is filled with digestive enzymes and ingredients to support the immune system. Recommendations: Take immediately after exercise as a post workout shake. It may also be used as a snack in between meals.



EHPLabs OxyWhey Lean Protein


  • Micellar Casein for slower release of amino acids into the system
  • ProHydrolase for maximum protein digestion
  • MCT Oil for better caloric breakdown and improved metabolism
  • Green Tea Extract for improved metabolism and quick energy
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract

Oxyshred By EHPlabs

OxyShred combines specific ingredients to cause a positive, fat reducing chain reaction. The chlorogenic acid found in Green Coffee Bean Extract inhibits the absorption of calories in the stomach lining - balancing glycogen tolerance levels of the body – resulting in the reduction of carbohydrate cravings and... The reduced intake of carbohydrates in turn throws the body into a state of ketosis, the natural process that burns fat for use as fuel, utilising unwanted fat cells while shedding them.

Key Factors:

  • 14 Key Weight Loss Ingredients
  • Added Vitamin C for Recovery
  • Advanced Mood Enhancing Matrix
  • Full B Vitamin Spectrum
  • Active Ingredients proven to Burn Subcutaneous Fat Molecules


EHP Labs OxySleep

OxySleep is a 3-in-1 deep sleep, natural GH release and non-stimulant fat burner thermogenic aid. OxySleep by EHPLABS is scientifically formulated with effective ingredients combined to synergistically work on various metabolic, endocrine (hormone system) and neural pathways in the body. ZMA, Phenibut, 5-HTP and Valerian Root help with regulating the sleep and wake cycles (circadian rhythms) to promote “Rapid Eye Movement (REM)” deep sleep. 

1 3-in-1 deep sleep fat burning formula
2 Delicious flavours that mix well with water
3 Maximize recovery and lean muscle growth
4 Wake up feeling energised






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Brand EHP Labs

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