Date Posted:5 January 2017 

We will be placing the various training programs that we use in our preparation for competition. All programs are personally devised by Grace from Powerfit, a good friend and trainer for both of us. In conjunction with Amal and Jade at nutritional experts Equalution, grace assesses our progress to date and constructs programs to help us achieve our goals. Grace herself has competed many times, placing second in the world in her division. If you are looking for a great trainer who knows what it takes to hold the trophies contact Grace at Powerfit!


Tyson: Weeks 22 to 14.

An 8 week program covering weeks 22-14 focussing on Periodisation Training, a core principle aimed at building strength and size at the same time. The prgram Shocks the muscle, starting at 8 reps in weeks 1, 8 reps with slow eccentric phase in week 2, 12 reps in week 3 and 20 reps in week 4, before repeating the cycle in the second block of 4 weeks and moving up in weight. I found the final week of each cycle really tough, but simpy drop setted through the final set to get the 20 reps.   

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Tyson: Weeks 14 to 8

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Amanda's Chest, Triceps and Core Blast!

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