Buying Guides

Below is a list of buying guides designed to help you choose the right supplements to suit your goals!

Smart Supplementation

How to get the most cost effective and Efficient supplement regime to suit your health And fitness goals

Where to start?

Ever walked into a supp store and been overwhelmed by the sheer number of products?

Think about your supplement needs as layers or priorities. As your health and fitness goals

Change you may need to add a new layer of products!

Goal: Lose weight/Tone Up

Priority 1, Protein: First things first, find out how much protein you need to consume a day to hit your daily requirement. A good general rule is 1g/kg per day, but if you are particularly active or looking to build lean muscle then you will need more. If you are getting your protein from food then don’t buy a powder, if not a powder is a quick and easy way to do it.

Don’t get too sucked in by phrases like “lean”, “ripped” or “fatburning”. Any good quality whey protein will do the trick, and definitely don’t buy Hydroysed/Whey Isolate products as they get digested far too quickly and will not make you feel full. Further to this, they generally only contain 10 to 15 calories less then normal whey powders, a tiny amount when you consider your total daily calories consumed!

If you are vegan or have lactose issues plant protein is perfectly fine and you certainly are not missing out. Plant protein is a perfectly good source of protein. Just avoid brands that charge a fortune or make claims like “contains superfoods” as they will no doubt break the bank. While it may seem cool to be getting all these antioxidants and other amazing compounds you are most likely getting them from your food already and the amount in the shake does not justify the cost.

Finally, if you are looking for a “meal replacement”, realistically they don’t exist. Almost all of the big name meal replacement shakes contain a lot of sugar and calories. On top of that, they contain fast absorbing protein types that will do nothing to keep you feeling full.  Your best bet is to find a protein powder that is lean (less then 5g of carbs and 3g fat) with a good range of fast and slow absorbing protein including casein. Casein will settle in your stomach, breaking down slowly and acting to keep your stomach feeling fuller for longer. Try to avoid blending anything into your protein shakes. You are literally doing the work your teeth and stomach are designed to do in breaking down the food and digesting it. You are also maximising the chances the calories will be absorbed all at once, making them likely to be surplus to your bodies need and off to be stored as fat. Drink the shake and eat the banana for better effect. Thick protein shakes are a great way to ease that afternoon snack itch, late night dessert craving or taking the edge off your appetite before dinner to prevent overeating.


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Priority 2, BCAA/Intra workout:  Building and maintaining lean muscle is the key to toning up and losing weight. BCAA/Intra workout are critical to repair your muscle after a workout. Its normal to be sore after a hard workout, but if that soreness is making it difficult to get back in the gym then it might be time up the protein or introduce an Intra workout. Look for anything with at least 5g of BCAA per serve. Don’t overcomplicate it with all the fancy additions, start with a well dosed, cost effective ($1/serve) option.

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Priority 3, Fatburner: If you have your diet under control and are running a calorie deficit then consider a faturner.  They help mobilise fat reserves to be used as energy, a process which your body actively fights. They are a great option if you need that bit of energy to get motivated for the gym, or if you want to save the coffee calories but still need an arvo pick me up.

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